I thought that today I would talk about teams and teamwork.  I have been associated with several different teams over the last 26 years, so I have seen a lot, good and bad.

Back when I first got introduced to team building (MLM) it was hard to do because you had to go bother your friends and family then go up to strangers and bother them.  Plus at this time Multi Level Marketing had a bad rap, for  two big reasons.  First the compensation plan was set so basically only the top people made most of the money and second because some people took the Multi Level Marketing model and made ponzi and pyramid schemes out of them.  We all know that a pyramid and a ponzi scheme are illegal.  To this day people still label Multi Level Marketing (MLM) as an illegal pyramid or ponzi scheme and that’s not so.  In a MLM a legitimate company pays people commissions to advertise and sell their products by word of mouth because it is cheaper then spending millions on their own advertisements.

Now we jump ahead to today and MLM.  It is much easier to build a huge team to make great money because a lot of companies have fixed their compensation plans and people don’t have to bother their family and friends because we have the internet.  All we have to do is find the right company with a good comp plan and a solid product line, then just send traffic to the website and get paid.

I feel that building a team and teamwork builds a better and stronger income for you.  If you just go online and start selling products or anything you are only paid on your efforts and if you don’t keep finding new things to sell your income will dwindle, but in a team you also benefit from your team members work as well as your own so if you run into a slump your team will keep the income coming in.  In the future I think more people that lose their jobs to cut backs will turn to the internet and most of them will join Multi Level Marketing opportunities and if your in now that is a lot of future down line members for your team.

Thanks for your time and God Bless.

Robert McMullen

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